Donor Charter

Suicide or Survive
Donor Charter

As a charity seeking donations from the public we at Suicide or Survive aim to comply with the Guidelines for Charitable Organisations on Fundraising from the Public (Charities Regulator 2017)

We commit to treating all of our donors with respect, honesty and openness. All fundraising activities will respect the rights and dignity of donors, service users and the public. Our fundraising activities will not be unreasonably persistent, intrusive or place undue pressure on people to donate. We will respect the decision of anyone who does not to donate or who wishes to cease making a donation. We will not present users of our services in a disrespectful way in promotional activities and will, where possible, ensure that service users have an input into our promotional strategies.

All fundraising carried out will occur in an honest and truthful manner. Fundraisers will act with integrity and will be honest in their representation of the organisation, the need for funds and how they will be used. We will take into account the needs of any potential donor who may be vulnerable or who, due to his/ her circumstances, may require additional care and support to make an informed decision about donating. If there are reasonable grounds for believing that an individual lacks capacity to make an informed decision to donate, a donation will not be taken. Any donation given by someone who lacked capacity at the time of donating will be returned.

We commit to being accountable and transparent so that donors and prospective donors can have full confidence in Suicide or Survive.

We promise to effectively use donations for their intended purpose – to further the organisations mission and to achieve its vision. Where a donation is made or sought

for a specific purpose we commit to using that donation for the purpose for which it was given.

We commit that we will do the following to be transparent and accountable to our donors/ prospective donors:

  • Provide information on our mission, vision and values
  • Provide information on how we use and intend to use funds donated to us
  • Take responsibility for our actions and will be open and forthcoming with asked to explain, clarify and/ or justify those actions and will explain and account to donors and the public about our actions
  • Provide all information in an easily understandable form to donors and the public
  • Provide information on the identity of our Board Members
  • Provide a signed statement of commitment from the Board that they will exercise prudent judgement in decisions made about the use of resources donated
  • Provide access to our most recent financial statements
  • Provide information on the purpose for which funds are being raised and how donations will be used
  • Provide information on how resources donated were used
  • Acknowledge and recognise donations made while respecting the right to privacy of our donors
  • Handle information about donations made and those who have made them with respect and confidentiality
  • Provide information about the status and authority of those seeking donations (i.e. whether they are volunteers, employees or hired third party agents)
  • Record and publish in the Annual Report and Statement of Annual Accounts details of individual donations including donations in kind where we judge that those donations may be construed to have the potential to influence the independence of our decision making. Where anonymity is requested by a donor, this will be respected, however the other details of the donation will be recorded and published in a manner that respects the confidentiality of the donor.
  • Where fundraising activities involve volunteer fundraisers we will ensure that SOS has a policy governing our relationship and communication with volunteers and how they are managed and that volunteers act in accordance with the SOS code of conduct.
  • Have in place a policy and suite of procedures for receiving feedback and responding to complaints. These procedures include systems to ensure that all feedback is responded to and addressed within a specific timeframe and that responses given are truthful and forthright.
  • Have in place an equality and diversity policy and adhere to its principles.
  • Have our Annual Accounts externally audited on a yearly basis.

If you do have a comment to make or a question to ask about any aspect of our work you can contact Suicide or Survive in writing or by telephone. In the first instance, your comment or question will be dealt with by our CEO. Please give us as much information as possible, let us know how you would like us to respond and provide us with relevant contact details. You can write to: Aisling Farrell, CEO, Suicide or Survive, 151, 156 Thomas St, Usher’s Island, Dublin, D08 PY5E.  Telephone: 1890 577577 or 01 272 2158. Email: Our opening hours are 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday.

To view the full Guidelines for Charitable Organisations on Fundraising from the Public please click on the following link: