Croke Park Abseil

Abseil from the 3rd largest stadium in Europe and raise funds for suicide prevention!


Join us as we prepare to conquer new heights to make a profound impact on mental health awareness and suicide prevention.

This abseil fundraiser isn’t just about the thrill of the rappel; it’s about harnessing our collective strength to break down barriers and build bridges of empathy and understanding. Together, we can turn daunting decents into uplifting moments of solidarity and support.



What to expect on the day

Participants will take part in a simulated training abseil before taking the steps to the roof to see some incredible views of Dublin. You will then make your way over to the screen and abseil down 120ft to the seated area below. will be by your side at all times during this abseil so you will be in experienced and professional hands! Take a look at this video or click HERE to read more about the Croke Park Abseil experience. 



Below is more information on the abseil. We highly recommend you have a look before registering.


How fit do I need to be?

Fitness is not very important but agility/mobility is; reaching the start of the abseil requires descending 3 short ladders and climbing over a barrier. Anyone who has had recent surgery, is/may be pregnant, has back pain or other medical/mobility issues or are over 65 must seek their GP’s advice before partaking in this event. If you have mobility issues, please email in advance.

Is there a weight limit?

Yes, the weight limit is 120kg. 

Is there a minimum fundraising amount

We ask participants set fundraising target of €350+. Most participants go above and beyond this target.

Can I bring friends/family?

Of course! However, we ask that you bring no more than 2 people to cheer you on. Please email in advance to let us know they are coming as we need to let Croke Park know final numbers beforehand.

Does the weather affect the abseil?

Rain and wind are not an issue as the abseil is sheltered. Lightning is the only weather issue that will cancel the abseil. 

Is there an age restriction?

You must be 18 years old, or older, to participate in our abseil. 

Still have questions? Email with any queries.

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