At Suicide or Survive we pride ourselves on having created a culture that promotes and achieves excellence in relation to governance. We take a responsible and ethical approach in all we do and work hard to create a culture of positive mental health within the organisation.

Governance Code

Our signed copy of the Governance Code for Voluntary Organisations can be found here. Suicide or Survive is a company limited by guarantee; our annual reports are submitted to the Companies Registration Office. A copy of our latest annual report can be found here.
Fundraising Principles

Suicide or Survive is committed to complying with the Guidelines for Charitable Organisations on Fundraising from the Public (Charities Regulator 2017). A signed copy of our statement of commitment to the Guidelines can be found here. You can view a copy of our Donor Charter along with our Policy and Procedure for handling complaints.
Supervision and Continuing Professional Development

We see supervision as an essential element of programme delivery and organisational development. Our CEO attends regular Organisational Supervision to ensure that they are supported in reflective practice which enables them to work to maximum effect in creatively and efficiently running the organisation and its programmes. All of our facilitators also attend regular supervision and continuing professional development training to support them in delivering our programmes to the highest standards, in reflecting on and learning from their own practice and that of their cofacilitators, and in ensuring that the needs of the service user remain central to everything we do.
Self Care

All of our evaluations have demonstrated that within Suicide or Survive our people are our strength and our biggest asset. We work hard to create a positive work environment that fosters authenticity, personal development and community. You can read more about our core values and what to do to foster a creative and efficient workforce here.