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How to Help

Three ways to help Suicide or Survive

1. Make a Donation
2. Run a Fundraising Event
3. Volunteer or Support a SOS event

How to Donate

Any donation you make, regardless of the amount, is welcomed and valued by Suicide or Survive. All donations go directly towards supporting SOS in our mission to challenge the stigma attached to mental health and suicide and allow us to continue to deliver our much-needed workshops and programmes throughout Ireland. You can make a donation in a number of simple ways:

By text:
SOS2 to 50300 – Text cost €2.  Suicide or Survive will receive a minimum of €1.80. Service Provider: LIKECHARITY. Helpline: 01 481 9311

SOS4 to 50300 – Text costs €4. Suicide or Survive will receive a minimum of €3.60. Service Provider: LIKECHARITY. Helpline: 01 481 9311


This service is provided by LIKECHARITY. If you have any queries with texting to donate, please contact
01 481 9311.

By standing order: You can set up a standing order for a regular donation to SOS by completing the form at this link and returning it to us here at the SOS office. SOS Standing Order Form

Cheques, Bankers Drafts, or Postal Orders: You can make a donation directly to us by cheque, bankers draft, or postal order. Please make these payable to Suicide or Survive and send to this address:

Suicide or Survive
First Floor Office
3-5 Carysfort Avenue


Credit card donation: Please call us on 01 272 2158 to make a credit card donation or you can use the Donorbox link above to donate. 

Charitable Partnerships: At Suicide or Survive we believe that it is only through partnership and active collaboration that we can reduce the number of people who take their own lives on a daily basis in Ireland. We would love to hear from you if your organisation is interested in becoming a charitable partner with Suicide or Survive. Please email us on or call to talk to Catherine in our office on 01 272 2158.

Run Your Own Fundraiser

The question many people ask when they see or hear about our programmes is what can I do to help? You see everybody knows that together we can make a difference and if we all do our part then we can be the change.

SOS are all about collaboration, all of us working together to achieve the end goal of improving our attitude to mental health and promoting wellness maintenance and recovery as a way of life. So to make that happen our organisation needs funds to keep the campaign thriving.

Every little helps so don’t ever feel that your idea is not big enough. The possibilities are limitless whether you want to help fund a poster or an ad or a print run or a workshop or a presentation or any of the vital parts of our outreach – it all matters. So think big, think small – just think SOS. The opportunities to fundraise are endless!

So think inside, outside or just shaking the box ! Whatever your idea we can support your event in lots of ways, so please contact us for more information: – we’d love to hear from you.

Volunteer or Support a SOS Event

See our Fundraising Calendar