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Mindfulness Minute

A mindfulness minute is a type of meditation that we can all practice. It is something that we can learn to do anywhere, anytime and without the need to be on the top of a mountain in Tibet or in a Buddhist temple in Mongolia. In this video we will try and teach you how to take your first mindful minute.

This section will help you start your journey and assist you to:

  • – Know the importance of taking Mindful minutes through the day
  • – Assist you to take your first mindful minute
  • – Create your own timetable to take 5 mindful minutes each day
  • – Develop a personal toolkit to help you take your mindful minutes each day

This video contains sections of a live workshop including Stress, Mindfulness and Bringing Calm to Your Life

Download a Printable PDF on “Mindfulness Minute”


1. Click on the image above to view worksheets
2. Print a copy
3. Fill in the worksheet as guided in the main video