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The Health Continuum

In this session we will look at the concept that our mental health operates along a continuum. On this continuum our mental health will range from periods of feeling mentally well to periods when we can feel mentally unwell. Using The continuum allows us to monitor our mental health so that if we notice that our mental health is beginning to dip we can put in place strategies that can give our mental health a boost and when we are feeling mentally well we can continue to do things that will help maintain this wellness.

This section will help you start your journey and assist you to:

  • – Understand the mental health is a continuum throughout our lives
  • – Be able to develop a daily maintenance plan to improve and maintain our mental wellness
  • – Develop a series mental health boosters that are specific to you.

This video contains sections of a live workshop including Health Continuum, Daily Plan and Changing Your Thinking

Mick Coughlan
This module of our online wellness workshop is delivered by our late colleague Mick Coughlan. Sadly in 2014 Mick lost his battle to cancer but those of us who witnessed that brave fight would have seen a man who practised everything he said within his teachings. Perhaps as we watch that adds even more impact to his words. In many ways this online video honours him for being a true practitioner of wellness even when the hand he was dealt was not favourable. One of Mick’s mannerisms was to say “for sure for sure”. Well it is “for sure” that Mick’s piece on “Our Thoughts” and how we can address them will impact the viewer. If this is your first time to see Mick you genuinely are in for a treat. For those of us who knew him and perhaps witnessed this presentation on more than one occasion the wonder never ceases. Mick Coughlan sadly missed but fondly remembered. Enjoy .

Download a Printable PDF on “The Health Continuum”


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  3. Fill in the worksheet as guided in the main video