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The Health Continuum

This section will assist you in:

  • – Understanding the mental health is a continuum throughout our lives
  • – Being able to develop a daily maintenance plan to improve and maintain our mental wellness
  • – Developing a series mental health boosters that are specific to you

In this session, we will explore the concept that our mental health operates along a continuum. Along this continuum, our mental health ranges from periods of feeling mentally well to periods when we may feel mentally unwell. Utilising this continuum allows us to monitor our mental health. If we notice a decline in our mental well-being, we can implement strategies to boost our mental health. Similarly, when we are feeling mentally well, we can continue engaging in activities that help maintain this state of wellness.


Download a Printable PDF on “The Health Continuum”


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  3. 3. Fill in the worksheet as guided in the main video