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Wolf of Hope and Despair (Caroline’s Story)

This section will assist you in:

  • – Understanding how we need to ‘feed our Wolf of Hope’ daily
  • – Knowing how different thoughts and actions can influence your ‘wolves’
  • – Developing a daily plan to continually feed your ‘Wolf of Hope’.

Listen to a short story based on an old Indian tale, using the analogy of each of us having a Wolf of Hope and a Wolf of Despair. The video continues to provide you with examples and tools of how you can continue to feed the ‘Wolf of Hope’ in your life so that you can overcome the thoughts of the ‘Wolf of Despair’

Download a Printable PDF on ‘Wolf of Hope and Despair’


  1. 1. Click on the image above to view worksheets
  2. 2. Print a copy
  3. 3. Fill in the worksheet as guided in the main video