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What is unique about SOS?
There are lots of things that are unique about SOS. In terms of service delivery one of our main unique points is that service users are involved in the design and delivery of all of our programmes. The organisation is led by a CEO and founder with lived experience of mental health difficulties and suicide and she is involved in the direct delivery of all of our programmes. Another unique feature is that while we are passionate about reaching as many people as possible our aim is to expand our services rather than our organisation for example we are currently piloting a licensing system for our Eden Programme whereby community based organisations can run the programme themselves in their own community. We always work in partnership as we believe that it is only by working together with others that we can achieve our aim.
Is recovery really possible?

Absolutely.  Research evidence shows that people who have struggled with their mental health (regardless of how severe that struggle might be or how long it goes on for) can and do recover with the right supports, environment and encouragement

Tell me about SOS

Suicide or Survive is a charity that was set up in 2003 by Caroline McGuigan to fill some of the gaps she experienced in the services provided to her following her own suicide attempt and in service gaps identified by others. The mission of SOS is “to challenge the stigma attached to mental illness and provide a range of educational and therapeutic programmes that increase understanding of suicide and play an active role in its prevention in Ireland” (Suicide or Survive 2012).