Robert_CarleyInterim CEO Robert Carley is tentatively promoting his initiative for 2020. The plan is to raise €202,020.00 for Suicide or Survive.

It is simple, it is catchy and it is a bit of a challenge. However, it will give us a focus for 2020 as we strive to raise enough funds to support the programmes at Suicide or Survive.

Whilst we deliver the programmes Nationwide, many supporters raise the funds required to allow us do this. They run marathons, do 5K’s, have Bingo nights and so much more.

Sometimes it is hard to plan how many times we can deliver our programmes, because we do not know how many we can afford to run. Robert wants to go in to 2020 with a set of projections to allow us deliver whatever number of programmes we can if we know we will raise €202,020.00.