IBEC News Award Piece

IBEC AWARDS SUICIDE OR SURVIVE for their outstanding contribution to wellbeing for their Workplace Wellbeing Programmes – addressing the elephant in the room

At the recent IBEC Keep Well Awards Suicide or Survive (SOS) won the award for Outstanding Contribution to Wellbeing for their Workplace Programmes. They have been a leading light in supporting organisations to create a more open culture around mental health and breaking down the stigma that stops people from reaching out for help when they need it. Their innovative approach, engaging workshops that teach simple, effective and proven methodologies for taking care of your own mental health have had a significant impact on organisational culture and employee wellbeing in organisations throughout the country.

The team at Suicide or Survive is delighted to bring its Workplace Wellness programme to workplaces across Ireland. Bringing a passion to promote positive mental health in the workplace, this practical programme is the result of extensive research and practical application, helping employers tackle the elephant too often found in the office; mental health.

Suicide or Survive understands that to find and vanquish this elephant, employers and their teams will need a range of tips tools and techniques. Suicide or Survive’s new resource, designed especially for the workplace, is fact filled but fun, informal but informative and relaxed but real. Most importantly, it has been tested and it works. Workplace Wellness will support companies to build a mental health strategy which delivers not just immediate and longer term results, but generates a positive culture change within the office.