Pictured left to right:  Joe Evans, Róisín Doyle, Dave Morgan


Mental Health awareness programmes and personal development tools are very important to us here in SKY, it’s part of what makes SKY such a great place to work.  For a long time we have been providing access to the Wellness Recovery Action Plan programme through SOS and we just can’t get enough of it.  Earlier this year we embarked on our own WRAP facilitator journey under the close supervision of SOS and Rona.  Despite having to pause our WRAP facilitator plans due to the pandemic we feel we have struck gold by creating our ‘WRAP Orientation’ programmes, also with the support of Rona and SOS.

So how does WRAP Orientation differ compared to a full WRAP seminar?  In the Orientation sessions we facilitate conversations around some of the key concepts and we explain the use of the wellness toolbox.  The orientation sessions are a way for us to show-case the value of WRAP and to explain to attendees what they can expect if they would like to attend a full WRAP seminar 1 programme.  People attending orientation sessions are invited to attend a full WRAP seminar 1 programme when it is safe to return to the office.. hopefully soon.

Facilitator support for the Orientation sessions has ceased and now we are running the sessions with much less hand holding from SOS and Rona. WRAP is very important to us here in SKY, it has been a god send, particularly in recent times and it also plays an important part of our future.

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