Online Wellness Workshop

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Who is this Programme for?

Welcome to We, the team in SOS, are delighted you have decided to logon and to prioritise your mental health. This workshop has been built from listening to people’s experiences and what has helped them when their mental health has taken a dip.

Our online Wellness Workshop gives lots of simple, practical and effective tools to choose from that you can use to monitor and manage your own mental health on a day-to-day basis. We would love to hear how this works for you so that we can make sure it is relevant to the people who use it and change it if it is not. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and it helps us improve the course. Please send feedback to Thank you for joining us and we wish you well.

This online Workshop would not be possible without the amazing support of the Iris O’Brien Foundation, the National Office of Suicide Prevention and our wonderful fundraisers, so a big thank you to everybody involved.

The wellness workshop is in line with Strategic Goals 1 and 3 of Connecting for Life: Goal 1: To improve the nation’s understanding of, and attitudes to, suicidal behaviour, mental health and wellbeing; Goal 3: To target approaches to reduce suicidal behaviour and improve mental health among priority groups. This workshop is underpinned by an evaluation framework as required by ‘Connecting for Life’.

For Information on Irelands National Suicide Prevention Strategy use the link below:

Connecting For Life

Connecting for Life