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Eden Programme

What is the Eden Programme?

The Eden Programme is unprecedented in Ireland and is both unique and creative in its approach. It was established by SOS to provide a safe space for those in need who have attempted suicide, have had, or are having suicidal thoughts. It provides a supportive weekly group environment over a six-monthly period in which up to 14 to 16 participants per-programme become more aware of their own psychological states and can develop tools to manage their own wellness, a range of supports in their own community and can move away from suicide as an option of first choice in times of crisis.

Why The Eden Programme

The Eden Programme is an in-depth programme which recognises an individual’s situation and that their journey will take time. That is why this programme is confidential and closed, and runs for 26 weeks. Anyone, over hte age of 18 who has attempted suicide or has had suicidal thoughts can apply to be part of this six-month programme. Places are limited and an assessment is part of the procedure before group formation.

Eden Programme Upcoming Events

The Eden programme for 2022 is now full in all locations. You can still register your interest using the big button below and we will keep your name on file for recruitment on the next programme. Recruitment takes place in the Autumn and the programme starts in early 2023.

The Eden Programme currently runs in Dublin, Galway and online. If you are interested in applying for one of our Eden Programmes in these locations you can email us on to request an application form.  If none of these locations suit you you can register your interest for the Eden Programme here and we will let you know if and when there will be an Eden Programme running closer to your location.



Eden Programme Information

The programme runs over 26 weeks and aims to:

  • Empower participants to make appropriate choices in terms of their day to day lives and more particularly in times of emotional crisis
  • Reduce the potential of death by suicide by the participants
  • Increase awareness of suicide and suicide prevention while also addressing the stigma that exists around mental health.

The transferability of the Eden Programme on license to the HSE National Counselling Service in CHO2 was evaluated by DCU in 2016. You can read the full evaluation report here, or a summary of the key findings here

The ten-year lifespan of the Eden Programme has been evaluated by DCU. * You can read the full evaluation report here, or a summary of the key findings here.

Connecting For LifeThe Eden Programme is in line with Strategic Goals 1 and 3 of Connecting for Life: Goal 1: To improve the nation’s understanding of, and attitudes to, suicidal behaviour, mental health and wellbeing; Goal 3: To target approaches to reduce suicidal behaviour and improve mental health among priority groups. This programme is run to the highest standards of practice and service delivery and is underpinned by an evaluation framework as required by ‘Connecting for Life’.
For Information on the National Suicide Prevention Strategy of Ireland click on the Connecting for Life Logo