Supporters Programme


What is the Supporters Programme?

This programme teaches supporters practical skills they can use to support others, it gives information on what supports are available and how they can be accessed and teaches practical ways of looking after your own mental health.

Why The Supporters Programme

SOS recognises and understands that supporting someone who is struggling with their mental health can be challenging. The supporters programme for people supporting family members, friends, neighbours, work colleagues, people in their community and others who are struggling with their mental health. It is the first of its kind in Ireland.

Attending The Supporters Programme

SOS offers 2 types of Supporter Programmes

1. Supporters Programme for those supporting a loved one, on a personal basis
2. Supporters Programme for those working or volunteering in a supporting role

Both programmes are offered online and in person. Our 8 hour online programme is held over 2-3 hours, once a week, over 3 consecutive weeks. Our in person programme is a 1 day programme held from 9.30am – 4.00pm.
Thanks to the National Office for Suicide Prevention and the amazing people all over the country who fundraise for us, this programme is offered at a significantly reduced price. Our workshops are open to anyone over 18 living on the island of Ireland.

To apply, please complete the form below. 


Connecting For Life

The Supporters Programme is in line with Strategic Goal 2 Action 2.3.3 of Connecting for Life

This programme is run to the highest standards of practice and service delivery and is underpinned by an evaluation framework as required by Connecting for Life.
For Information on the National Suicide Prevention Strategy of Ireland click on the Connecting for Life Logo