WRAP Programme

What is the WRAP Programme?

WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) is a programme that helps you develop your own personally tailored Wellness Action Plan that you can use on a day-to-day basis to manage your wellness and that you can use if you become unwell to restore it.

Why The WRAP Programme?

WRAP has been proven both locally and internationally to be effective. 

You can find out more about how and why WRAP was developed here.

Attending A Wrap Programme?

The WRAP programme is delivered in person and delivered at a cost of €25 per participant. This includes facilitators for 2 days, all programme materials, a light lunch and refreshments.  We receive some funding for this programmes through our fantastic funders the National Office for Suicide Prevention and our amazing fundraisers which allows us to deliver the programme at a significantly reduced cost.

Check out our WRAP programme calendar to book a place.


WRAP Programme Information

WRAP RoomThe programme runs over 2  days and will:

  • Introduces participants to the key concepts underpinning recovery in mental health
  • Support attendees to start developing their own personally tailored Wellness Toolbox and Daily Mental Health Maintenance Plan
  • Help participants to identify their triggers and develop plans to manage them
  • Provides participants with tools they can use to monitor their mental health on a day-to-day basis and to identify when their mental health is taking a dip
  • Supports particpants to start developing plans for how they can manage their mental health if it does take a dip right through from minor dips to crisis and post crisis planning


If you would like to come along to one of our WRAP Programmes but don’t see a date suitable on the programme calendar – please register your interest below and we will keep you informed on upcoming WRAPs in your community!


Connecting For LifeThe Wrap Programme is in line with Strategic Goal 2 Action 2.3.3 of Connecting for Life

This programme is run to the highest standards of practice and service delivery and is underpinned by an evaluation framework as required by Connecting for Life.
For Information on the National Suicide Prevention Strategy of Ireland click on the Connecting for Life Logo