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Resources and Publications

Here you will find some research & publications about mental health and wellbeing. We also have a list of organisations who work in the field of mental health in Ireland, you can find this page here

20 minute meditation video 

Enjoy this short meditation video that you can use any time of day, to bring more calm into your life. Brought to you by SOS facilitator, Patricia Allen Garrett. 

Wellness Worksheet

Suicide or Survive have created this Wellness Worksheet for you to use to maintain your mental health. There is a simple tool you can use every day to do your own mental health check-up. Click the link to download this worksheet

Factors shaping the mental health and well-being of people experiencing persistent COVID-19 symptoms or ‘long COVID’: qualitative study

Alexandra Burton, Henry Aughterson, Daisy Fancourt and Keir E. J. Philip


Physical isolation and mental health among older US adults
during the COVID‑19 pandemic: longitudinal findings
from the COVID‑19 Coping Study

Carly A. Joseph1 · Brendan Q. O’Shea1 · Marisa R. Eastman1 · Jessica M. Finlay2 · Lindsay C. Kobayashi1


What has changed in the experiences of people with mental health problems during the COVID‑19 pandemic: a coproduced, qualitative interview study

Prisha Shah1 · Jackie Hardy1 · Mary Birken1 · Una Foye2 · Rachel Rowan Olive1 · Patrick Nyikavaranda1 · Ceri Dare1 · Theodora Stefanidou1 · Merle Schlief1 · Eiluned Pearce1 · Natasha Lyons1 · Karen Machin1 · Tamar Jeynes1 · Beverley Chipp1 · Anjie Chhapia1 · Nick Barber1 · Steven Gillard3 · Alexandra Pitman1 · Alan Simpson2 · Sonia Johnson1 · Brynmor Lloyd‑Evans1 on behalf of the NIHR Mental Health Policy Research Unit Covid coproduction research group


Lockdown stringency and paediatric self-harm
presentations during COVID-19 pandemic:
retrospective cohort study

Ben Hoi-ching Wong,Mehrak Vaezinejad, Paul L. Plener, Tauseef Mehdi, Liana Romaniuk, Elizabeth Barrett, Haseena Hussain, Alexandra Lloyd, Jovanka Tolmac, Manish Rao, Sulagna Chakrabarti, Sara Carucci, Omer S. Moghraby, Rachel Elvins, Farah Rozali, Ereni Skouta, Fiona McNicholas, Benjamin Baig, Dejan Stevanovic, Peter Nagy, Chiara Davico, Hassan Mirza, Evren Tufan, Fatima Youssef, Ben Meadowcroft and Dennis Ougrin