SOS Facilitators

We have come together to challenge the stigma that surrounds vulnerability and struggle – something we will all experience in our life. We come with good hearts, passion and determination. We come as individuals who believe suicide prevention is for all of us to tackle and all of us to own.

Brian Kelly – Eden Programme Co-ordinator & Wellness Workshop Facilitator

Brian Kelly is a Husband, a Dad, a Grandad and a qualified reality Therapist, Life and Business Coach, Adult Guidance Counsellor, Founder and CEO of the Hope Centre in Crumlin, Dublin. He is passionate about people having both the opportunity and support to achieve everything that is possible to them and has worked in the area of Mental Health in the non-profit sector for over 23 years. His values and belief in the ability of every human being to experience recovery and live a full and fruitful life motivate his work with SOS.

Reason for involvement in SOS: “My reasons for working with SOS are simple and compelling. I met Caroline several years ago through a mutual friend. Her passion for life and her compassion for people touched me, her life story inspired me and her values matched what I have tried to live and work by for over twenty years. To work with SOS fits and I am grateful for the opportunity to be working alongside people who simply care.”

Patricia Allen-Garrett – Eden Programme & Wellness Workshop Facilitator

  • Facilitator, Eden Programme
  • Psychotherapist, Hesed House
  • Core Tutor, Dublin Therapy & Counselling Centre
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Psychotherapy and Counselling
  • BS(c) (Hons) Psychology
  • Certificate in Sensori-Motor Trauma Therapy

Reason for involvement in SOS: “As a psychotherapist I work with people who show great courage in working through difficult times in their lives – none more so than those who are struggling to stay alive. I believe strongly that the Eden Programme with its emphasis on both education and dialogue can make a difference in the lives of people who have contemplated or attempted suicide. I lost my best friend, Kieran, to suicide in 2008 and understand, on a personal level, the pain that such a loss brings. I am passionate about breaking down the stigma of suicide and am privileged to work with amazing people in SOS.”

Rona McBrierty – Advanced WRAP Facilitator and International Mentor for the Copeland Centre

  • International Mentor for the Copeland Center
  • Intentional Peer support Trainer
  • Expert by Experience

Reason for involvement in SOS:” When I was asked to support the further development of WRAP within SOS I did not hesitate to agree because as an organisation they mirror the values and ways of working that I strive to embrace in all aspects of my life and work. I personally believe that we are all experts on our own experience, but through experience, I also know what it feels like when you are in that dark place and see no way to move forward, no possibilities for a future. I am passionate about promoting opportunities that support mutual learning and the development of strong resilient healthy communities where everyone has a sense of belonging and being valued. The work that is being done by SOS not only challenges the stigma associated with mental illness and suicide it also provides opportunities for education, understanding, support, awareness, empowerment and self-determination. The organization offers possibilities for a future where we can create community built on the pillars of wellness-HOPE, PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY, EDUCATION, SELF-ADVOCACY, and SUPPORT.”

Noeleen Wills – WRAP Facilitator

  • Psychotherapist
  • WRAP Facilitator

Reason for involvement in SOS: I strongly believe that every human being on the planet has mental health and how we look after our own mental health is as individual as our own thumb prints. It is because of this belief that I love working within an organisation that offers programmes filled with practical tools whilst also incorporating stories of hope, possibility and proof that recovery is possible. Every programme that SOS offers has empowerment at it’s core.”

Jo Donohoe – WRAP Facilitator

    Jo brings a bit of “country” to the team, living in lovely County Carlow.  She has over 20 years’ experience in community and youth development, facilitation and training and volunteer development. In the past 10 years Jo has pursued her passion in promoting positive mental health through her voluntary work locally and her involvement with SOS and other charities. Being a WRAP facilitator with SOS is an important part of Jo’s identity and she lives her own WRAP daily.  

    Reasons for being involved with SOS 

    “When I met the SOS founder Caroline McGuigan I loved her energy and commitment and so I wanted to be a part of that. It is important for me to be part of a team where the little details matter and going the extra mile is part of the course. I am proud to be part of an organisation that look at the tough work that is needed to tackle the stigma and fill the gaps in suicide prevention”

    Elaine O’Neill – Eden Programme Facilitator

    • Eden Programme Graduate
    • B.A. in Applied Social Studies in Social Care
    • Certificate in Facilitation Skills (Meitheal)
    • Certificate in Counselling Skills (NUI Maynooth)
    • Mental Health Recovery Including Wellness Recovery Action Planning

    Reason for involvement in SOS: “I first got involved with SOS as a participant on the Eden Programme. Being on this unique programme gave me knowledge, understanding and a very different perspective on myself, mental wellbeing and on life. I believe that SOS is an organisation that is part of proactive, positive change in the area of mental health and suicide, so it is an honour to have the opportunity to be now part of something that is so close to my heart. I am particularly passionate about mental health awareness and breaking down the stigma that is associated with mental health challenges. I am privileged to be part of such a wonderful team of people. The attitudes, values, vision and ethos that are within the organisation, always gives me a sense of comfort and connectedness with lots of hope. Hope for a better future in how our mental health is viewed and nurtured especially in times of vulnerability and distress.”