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Robert Carley Deputy CEO

Hello to all our fantastic SOS supporters, In this newsletter we want to share with you the incredible things that we have planned for 2020. Between a variety of workshops, fundraisers and special events, there is really something for everyone.

You will read more about our programmes and who we’ve been working with plus more information on how to bring a workshop to your community.

While you’re browsing through you will also get a chance to read in more detail about the upcoming fundraisers and events taking place, from the Women’s Mini Marathon to Hell & Back, we are sure you’re bound to find something to get involved in.

You will also read a personal account from our brilliant SOS supporter, fundraiser and friend, John Blake, on his journey with mental health and the brilliant 20-4-20 campaign, as well as Joe Evans, an employee with SKY Ireland, who’s been on a fantastic journey with us and recently co-facilitated his first WRAP programme -exciting times ahead for these two.

To round it all up we’ve included some spring time affirmations and top tips for looking after your own mental health, so be sure to check those out and get your 2020 off to a good start.

On behalf of SOS I want to say a huge thank you for your continued support, it means the world to have you on this journey with us.

Enjoy this edition of our Connect Newsletter and please do get in touch with us if you want to get more involved in breaking down the stigma of mental health.


As spring is finally upon us, check out these five affirmations by Michelle Maros.

Michelle is Peaceful Mind Peaceful Life’s Creative Director and resident writer.

John Blake – SOS supporter and fundraiser

Physically fit, thriving career, father to two beautiful children and always a smile on my face,
most would think I was the picture of health.
However, this was not the case.

Deciding to push my body to its physical limits completing an Ironman Race in 2019 in aid of Suicide or Survive, highlighted that whilst my physical performance was at its best, the same could not be said for my mental health.

Pitch black mornings, torrential rain, hours of empty roads of nothing but fields and sheep travelling across the Wicklow Mountains on my own, with nothing but idle time to reflect, I quickly realised inside my head, a battle was brewing.

Read more about John’s story here


Deirdre Murray – Executive Coach, Trainer and Facilitator with PEOPLE RESOURCES
identifies 5 top tips to help you build resilience for the year ahead.
Read more about it here


2020 has kicked off to a great start and we are delighted
to be working with such fantastic groups again this year.

Big thanks to UCD Nurses, HSE Nurses in Galway, Darndale women’s group, the Dochas centre and those who attended our first WRAP and Wellness programmes of the year. We really look forward to working with more groups throughout 2020 and of course continuing our work with mental health in the corporate arena. 

We are really looking forward to what’s to come, keep an eye on our website to see whats coming to your area or to find out more about bringing a workshop to your community,
please email or call the office on 01 272 2158

Joe Evans – SKY Ireland

Sky Ireland continue to do some amazing work with Suicide or Survive (SOS) as their chosen charity partner.  Along with the amazing support, fundraising and awareness campaigns that SOS deliver into Sky, Sky have been taking even more steps to support the mental health and awareness to its staff.  The team in Sky are in the process of upskilling their own WRAP facilitators, so they can run the programme in their HQ in Dublin 4.

Many staff have had the experience of attending WRAP on public courses and found it extremely beneficial…

Read more about Joe’s story here

As spring is upon us, here are some top tips for looking after yourself and your wellbeing.
Read more about it here 

What is your tip for looking after yourself?

We encourage you to check out our online wellness workshop
which has tones of great information, downloadable PDF’s, videos and more!

You can check it out by clicking here –  We even have an youth version here


Corona Virus

So the government have moved our nation’s response to the Corona Virus Pandemic to the DELAY phase. 

To play our part in ensuring the safety and health of our staff, contractors and clients we will be taking the following actions. 

From Friday 13th March 2020 we will be suspending all our programmes and workshops for at least 6 weeks or until we receive further directions from the authorities. Our SOS in house team will be operating from their home bases and can be contacted at their usual email addresses and through our central phone line which will be redirected.

So until next time, stay safe, stay well, keep working your own wellness plan and know that when all this is over we will be back at full steam ahead being part of changing how our nation thinks about mental health and suicide.