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The Covid-19 pandemic has thrown up many and varied challenges for all of us. Many familiar things are on hold, normal supports are not accessible and networks that we usually rely on, are for now just out of reach. We know this is a challenging time for many people and we are committed to doing all we can to offer support. While under normal circumstances we could be travelling the country offering a variety of workshops, this is not possible at present. SOS have always held the belief that we are stronger together and so we want to ensure that you feel supported at this time and, with the funding of the HSE and the National Office for Suicide Prevention, we are now offering a series of live interactive daily wellness webinars. There is no charge to attend these and all are welcome. You can watch via your phone, tablet and laptop and ask questions through our moderated chat facility. All you need is a secure internet connection and ideally a quiet space to tune in for approximately an hour. We look forward to you joining us and for us to journey together

Goal Setting and Action Planning

So did you ever feel like your life is just drifting slowly by, no real purpose no real intent. Sometimes it feels like we are just waiting for things to happen. Well what if we lived a life where we are in the driving seat?, where we purposefully plan and prepare and measure and manage our progress. Sound interesting? Join us on this webinar and discover the power and purpose of goal setting. Brought to you by Robert Carley, Deputy CEO of SOS, Workshop Facilitator and Trainer, Psychotherapist and Motivational Business Consultant.

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