Fundraising for SOS 

Looking to join a fundraiser or create your own?


Want to fundraise but not sure where to begin? We got you covered! Fundraising is an incredible way to make a positive impact, and sometimes, all you need is a bit of inspiration to kickstart your efforts.

Check out the list below of our most common fundraisers and SOS led fundraisers that you can join, our A-Z of fundraisers and our fundraising calendar to gain inspiration, join fundraisers or simply support other people’s efforts.

If you want to know more about the fundriasing journey, just email


Abseil for SOS

Join SOS in our yearly Croke Park Abseil on 20th September 2024. Looking join Team SOS? Email

Create a Football Tournament

Get your community or school involved in a football tournament.

Sea Swim for SOS

Collect donations for every day you plunge into the cold Irish sea.

Host an Open Mic Night

Put together an open mic night or talent show to showcase your communities skills.

Host a Coffee Morning

Get your community together to raise funds for SOS while connecting over tea/coffee.

Take Part in a Marathon

Challenge yourself with running/walking a marathon. Want to join Team SOS in the VHI Woman’s Mini Marathon? Email

Still need fundraising inspiration? 


Below is an A-Z list of fundraising ideas designed to spark creativity and inspiration!

Whether you’re aiming to engage your community, challenge yourself or simply have a good time while making a difference, these ideas cover a wide range of interests and activities.

Explore the list and find the perfect fundraising concept that aligns with your goals and resonates with your community.

Let the fundraising journey begin!

A-Z Fundraisers



An Auction
Organise an auction where people can bid on donated items or services. This can be done in person or online.

Art Exhibition
Host an art exhibition featuring local artists, and sell the artwork with a percentage of the proceeds going to SOS.

Arts & Crafts Fair
Set up a fair where local artists and craftsmen can sell their creations, with a portion of the sales supporting SOS.


Bake Sale
Organise a bake sale with homemade treats, and encourage community members to contribute their baked goods.

Book Sale 
Collect and sell donated books, either online or at a physical location, with the proceeds going towards SOS.

Birthday Fundraiser 
Invite your friends to donate to a birthday fundraiser on Facebook or Instagram.

Bingo Night
Host a bingo night with entry fees, and provide prizes for the winners.

Bowling Tournament:
Organise a bowling competition and charge an entry fee, with the proceeds going to your fundraising goal.

Breakfast Fundraiser:
Host a community breakfast, brunch, or pancake morning.

Board Game Tournament:
Host a board game competition.


Coffee Morning
Arrange a morning coffee event, either in person or virtually, where attendees can enjoy coffee and snacks for a donation.

Cook-Off Competition:
Host a cooking competition with local chefs or home cooks.

Challenge Event:
Create a unique challenge e.g., a dance-off, gaming marathon, or trivia night.

Car Wash 
Offer a car wash service, with volunteers washing cars for donations or for set prices.

Community Cleanup:
Grab volunteers for a community cleanup event. Seek donations for participation or sponsorships from local businesses.

Car Boot Sale
Organise a car boot sale. You can charge per car that wish to take part or donated a percentage of sales to SOS.


Dress-Down Day
Partner with schools or workplaces for a “Dress-Down Day” where participants pay a fee to wear casual clothing.

Dog Walk Fundraiser
Organize a dog-friendly walk or run event, encouraging participants to bring their furry friends and gather sponsorships.

Dunk Tank Event
Set up a dunk tank teachers, coached or community leaders to be dunked. Charge participants for a chance to throw the ball.

Organise a dance marathon where participants gather pledges for dancing for a set period of time.


Escape Room Challenge
Collaborate with a local escape room facility to organise a challenge event.

Gather donations with the promise of excercising for a long period of time (e.g., 24-hour workout, cycle for 3 hours etc)

Eco-Friendly Event
Organise an event with an environmental focus, such as a tree planting day or community clean-up.

Easter Egg Hunt
Host an Easter-themed event, such as an egg hunt or egg decorating contest.


Fun Run
Organise a fun run or walk.

Fitness Challenge
Take on a fitness challenge, such as a 30-day workout program.

Fashion Show
Put together a fashion show featuring local designers or clothing stores, and sell tickets for entry.


Garage Sale
Organise a community garage sale, where people can donate and purchase second-hand items. Proceeds can be donated to SOS.

Game Night
Host a game night featuring board games, card games, or video games, and charge an entry fee for participants.

Golf Tournament
Organise a golf tournament with registration fees, sponsorships, and prizes for participants.

Go-Kart Racing:
Partner with a go-kart facility for a racing event, with participants paying an entry fee or gathering sponsorships.

Garden Tour
Organise a tour of local gardens, showcasing beautiful landscapes and plants, and charge an admission fee.

Gift Wrapping Service
Offer a gift-wrapping service during holidays or special occasions, and collect donations for your efforts.

Geocaching Event
Host a geocaching event where participants pay an entry fee to take part in a treasure hunt using GPS coordinates.

Group Fitness Class
Host a fitness class, such as yoga or Zumba, and charge participants for entry, with the proceeds supporting your cause.


Hiking Challenge
Organise a hiking event or challenge, encouraging participants to gather donations for each mile hiked.

Hell and Back Challange
Take part in the Hell and Back Challange while fundraising for SOS. Apply here.

Head Shaving Event
Organise a head-shaving event where participants raise funds by pledging to shave their heads in support of a cause.

High Tea Party
Host an elegant high tea party with tickets sold for attendees, featuring tea, snacks, and entertainment.

Handmade Craft Sale
Create a sale specifically for handmade crafts, allowing local artisans to sell their creations, with a portion of sales going to your cause.


Instagram Fundraising Challenge
Create a fundraising challenge on Instagram, encouraging participants to share posts or stories related to your cause, and gather donations.

Indoor Sports Tournament
Organise an indoor sports tournament, such as basketball, volleyball, or indoor soccer, and charge teams an entry fee.

Inflatable Obstacle Course
Set up an inflatable obstacle course and charge participants for the chance to navigate through the challenges.

Iron Chef Competition
Arrange a cooking competition with local chefs or community members, and charge an entry fee for spectators to taste and vote.


Take part in, or organise, a jog-a-thon, collecting  for each mile you run or walk during the event.

Jewellery Sale
Organise a jewelry sale, featuring donated or handcrafted jewelry items, and use the proceeds for your fundraising goal.

Jazz Brunch
Host a jazz-themed brunch event with live music, and sell tickets for attendees to enjoy a leisurely Sunday morning.

Jigsaw Puzzle Tournament
Arrange a jigsaw puzzle competition, where teams or individuals compete to complete puzzles in a set time, with entry fees going to SOS.

Jazzercise Class
Arrange a fitness fundraising event featuring a Jazzercise class, with participants paying to join the energetic dance workout.


Karaoke Night
Host a karaoke night at a local venue or virtually, and charge participants for entry or song dedications.

Kindness Campaign
Initiate a kindness campaign where community members can make donations in exchange for spreading kindness through random acts or supportive messages.

Kilometer Challenge
Set up a challenge where participants commit to walking or running a certain number of kilometers and gather donations.

Kayaking Adventure
Plan a kayaking event, either as a race or a leisurely paddle.


Lip Sync Battle
Host a lip sync battle event, allowing participants to showcase their performance skills.

Last Hour of Pay Donation 
Grab your co-workers and donate your last hour of pay to SOS. Speak to your employer to see if they will match fund your donations.

Live Auction
Conduct a live auction, featuring valuable items or experiences for participants to bid on. This can be done in person or online.

Light-Up Night Run
Organise a night run where participants wear glow sticks or use other light-up accessories.

Local Band Concert
Host a concert featuring local bands or musicians, and sell tickets for entry to support SOS.

Long-Distance Bike Ride
Take part in a long-distance bike ride event gathering donations for every mile traveled.

Line Dancing Night
Organise a line dancing event, teaching participants popular line dances and charging entry fees.


Mindfulness Meditation Workshop
Conduct a workshop on mindfulness and meditation, charging participants for relaxation and stress relief techniques.

Mini Golf Tournament
Set up a mini-golf tournament, charging entry fees for participants and offering prizes for the winners.

Movie Night
Host a movie night, either at a local venue or virtually, and charge attendees for tickets or concessions.

Music Festival
Arrange a music festival featuring local bands and artists, and sell tickets for entry.

Take part in a marathon either alone or in a team and raise donations for SOS.

Mural Painting Project
Collaborate with local artists to create a community mural, and allow community members to sponsor or purchase sections of the mural.


Neighbourhood Clean-Up
Organise, or take part in, a community clean-up day and gather donations for SOS.

Networking Mixer
Host a networking mixer or social event for professionals who pay a fee to attend.


Office Desk Decorating Contest
Organise a contest where individuals decorate their office desks creatively, and charge participants for entry. This can be done in the offie or remotely.

Open Mic Night
Host an open mic night, allowing individuals to showcase their talents, and charge an entry fee for performers and attendees.

Online Fitness Classes
Offer virtual fitness classes, like yoga or aerobics, and charge participants for online sessions.

Outdoor Adventure Trip
Plan an outdoor adventure trip, such as hiking or camping, and have participants pay a fee to join the excursion.

Office Olympics
Organise a fun-filled “Olympic” event within an office or workplace, with participants paying an entry fee to join in the games.


Pet Photo Contest
Run a pet photo contest, encouraging participants to submit pictures of their pets, and charge an entry fee.

Paint and Sip Night
Organise a paint and sip night, where participants can enjoy painting while sipping on their favourite beverages.

Pizza Party Fundraiser:
Collaborate with a local pizzeria to host a pizza party, selling tickets for slices and drinks.

Picnic in the Park
Organise a picnic event at a local park, selling tickets for a relaxing day outdoors with food and entertainment.

Paintball Tournament:
Arrange a paintball tournament, with teams paying entry fees for a competitive and exciting event.


Quiz Night
Host a quiz night with a variety of trivia questions, charging teams or individuals to participate.

Q-Zar Tournament
Invite Q-Zar/Lazer Tag teams to compete in a tournament.

Quest for Treasures – Scavenger Hunt:
Organise a scavenger hunt with a quest for hidden treasures, charging participants for entry.


Host a raffle with a variety of high-value prizes, and sell tickets to participants for a chance to win.

Run for SOS
Organise a run or walkathon with all donations going to SOS.

Remote Work Fitness Challenge
Initiate a fitness challenge for remote workers, encouraging them to stay active and gather sponsorships for workouts.

Random Acts of Kindness Campaign
Encourage participants to perform random acts of kindness, with donations collected for each kind act.

Roller Skating Party
Arrange a roller skating party at a local rink, selling tickets for entry.

Recycling Drive
Organise a recycling drive where participants collect recyclables and exchange them for donations.


Sports Tournament
Host a sports tournament, such as basketball, soccer, or volleyball.

Scavenger Hunt
Organise a traditional or themed scavenger hunt, charging participants or teams to join the adventure.

Swim for SOS
Organise a swim-athon, where you gather pledges for each lap you swim during the event. You can also dip into the cold Irish sea and gather donations for each day you sea swim.

Skydiving Fundraiser
Take part in a  fundraising event where participants gather sponsorships for taking a skydiving leap.

Supermarket Bagging
Partner with a local supermarket and offer volunteer bagging services, with donations collected for each bag packed.


Talent Show
Host a talent show featuring local performers, and charge admission fees for attendees.

Trail Run
Arrange a trail run or nature walk, with participants paying an entry fee and gathering donations for the distance covered.

Tree Planting Campaign
Initiate a campaign to plant trees, with donors contributing to the purchase and planting of each tree as well as donating to SOS. This campaign will promote the connection between good mental health and nature.

Thrift Shop Sale
Collect donated items and host a thrift shop sale, with the proceeds contributing to your fundraising goal.


Used Book Sale
Collect and sell used books, either online or at a physical location, with the proceeds supporting your cause.

Ugly Sweater Contest
Host an ugly sweater contest, with participants paying an entry fee to showcase their most creatively unattractive holiday sweaters.

Unwind and Paint
Host a relaxing painting session where participants can unwind while creating artwork.


Vintage Clothing Sale
Collect and sell vintage clothing items, either through a physical sale or an online platform, with proceeds supporting SOS.

Video Game Tournament
Organise a video game tournament featuring popular games, and charge entry fees for participants to compete.


Water Balloon Fight
Arrange a water balloon fight event, charging participants for entry and providing water balloons for a fun and refreshing experience.

Weightlifting Challenge
Arrange a weightlifting challenge or competition, with participants paying entry fees to showcase their strength.

World Record Attempt
Plan an event to attempt breaking a world record, with participants contributing an entry fee to be part of the record-breaking attempt.


Xtreme Sports Challenge
Take part in an “Xtreme Sports Challenge” event, featuring extreme or adventurous sports like rock climbing, zip-lining, or bungee jumping.


Yoga Marathon
Take part in a yoga marathon where you commit to a certain number of hours of continuous yoga practice.

Yard Sale Extravaganza
Host a yard sale where community members can sell items they no longer need, and charge a small fee for participating vendors.


Zip-Line Adventure
Collaborate with a zip-line facility for an exciting zip-lining adventure. Participants can pay an entry fee or gather donations for the adrenaline-pumping experience.

Zoom Fitness Classes
Offer virtual fitness classes via Zoom, such as yoga or workout sessions, and charge participants for online access.

Organise a Zumbathon, a dance marathon featuring Zumba fitness routines. Participants can pay an entry fee or gather sponsorships for the duration of the event.

Zen Garden Meditation Session
Host a meditation session in a zen garden or serene outdoor space, charging participants for a calming and mindful experience.

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Gaelforce Bray – 500K In 2024 Fundraiser

The incredible Ciarán has been fundraising for SOS for the past few years. We have always been in awe of his hard work, motivation and dedication but this year he […]

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Croke Park Abseil Fundraiser

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Our annual Croke Park abseil is back in September 2024! Details to be updated. Want to get involved? Email  

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