At Suicide or Survive we promote transparency in all we do. We strive for continuous improvement and constantly review and evaluate all aspects of our work. We are open about:

  • our performance and what we can and cannot deliver
  • our income – how we generate and spend it
  • our governance – how we run the organisation.
Our income comes from 5 main sources:
Iris O’Brien Foundation
SOS Fundraising Merchandise / Partner Contributions
External Fundraising

SOS is committed to working in partnership in the delivery of our programmes and our partners contribute towards the running of our programmes in their communities throughout the country. Their contributions come in different forms. Most provide the venue and refreshments for the programmes and where possible make a financial contribution to the running of the programme. Participants are encouraged to make a financial contribution to all of our programmes as a commitment to investing in their mental health. All financial contributions received or monies saved on venues and refreshments go directly into providing programmes in the community.

Our audited accounts are submitted to the Companies Registration Office on an annual basis and are available to download here

  • No staff member in SOS earns more than €65,000 or less than €25,000
  • No staff member is paid a salary top up or bonus
  • SOS is governed by a voluntary Board of Directors who are refunded for vouched expenses only